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Non-Insertive Techniques

These techniques do not involve needles. Acupuncture needles do not need to be used in order to have a a profound effect on the individual. Non-insertive techniques are wonderful for children, those in a weakened condition, and for needle phobic individuals.

Magnet & Ion-Pumping Cord Therapy

Magnet therapy and ion pumping cords work at the cellular level in the realm of a person’s bio-energetic field and affects both qi and blood in the body. Although we may not be able to see and directly palpate the body’s natural electro-magnetic fields and all densities of qi, modern biomedicine knows and accepts that these energetic fields exist and can even be measured using EKGs, brain wave studies, ultrasounds, etc. With a positive effect at the cellular level, it follows that there is also a positive effect at the tissue, organ, and organism levels. The cellular level is where all healing begins.

Magnets are also seen to have an effect on the blood due iron in blood being bound to hemoglobin. Good blood circulation in the body creates a more ideal environment for healing and tissue repair to take place. We use the power of magnets along with the acupuncture channels and the philosophies of Eastern medicine to work in these fields and address imbalance in the body.

Shakuju Therapy

What is It?

Shakuju is a non-insertive style of treatment developed by Kobayashi Sensei in Japan that uses a teishin instead of acupuncture needles. A teishin is a small blunt instrument that is made of silver, gold, or another material and gently touches the skin in a particular way determined by your individual imbalance and diagnosis. Working with a teishin helps to focus and direct qi and assists the body in returning to a state of health and homeostasis.

Shakuju intends to affect the qi from the shallow, superficial level to the deeper level of the body. What we do on the surface affects the deeper levels, similar to a drop of water in a pond and the resulting ripple effect outward. The main goal of shakuju therapy is to harmonize and supplement the underlying fundamental deficiency. When we address the root of the issue, the branches (i.e. the symptoms you are experiencing) will consequently resolve. Treating this fundamental level allows us to have an effect on even deep imbalances.

What To Expect in a Shakuju Treatment Session

A shakuju treatment first involves a brief intake where we discuss your health history, present concerns, and future goals. Then, I will gently palpate your abdomen and feel your pulse – these are important diagnostic methods that help me understand the root of your imbalance and determines your specific course of treatment. Throughout the treatment, there are various reference points on the arms, legs, neck, abdomen, and back that will be lightly pressed to check for reactivity. We will be looking for change at these reference points and will obtain feedback on your body’s response to and the efficacy of treatment by doing so.

In a treatment session, the teishin lightly touches and brushes the abdomen and back (known as “contact needling”) and is held at specific acupuncture points in a specific order based on your individual diagnosis. Moxa is often used in conjunction with shakuju treatments.

Shakuju is for everyone and anyone. In general, shakuju treatments are reported to be painless, pleasant, and relaxing.








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